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"It is my hope that through the extensive information available on this website, you will gain greater access to your Court and an increased understanding of the way the Court operates."
- Judge Beth A. Smith

About Judge Beth A. Smith

Judge Beth A. Smith was first elected Judge of the Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court in November of 1996. She was re-elected to the bench in November 2002 and again in November 2008 without opposition. In November of 1988, Judge Smith became the first woman elected as a Judge in the history of Mahoning County when she was elected as a Judge of the Mahoning County Area Court, initially assigned to Sebring. Judge Smith graduated from South Range High School in 1974 and she obtained her B.A. Degree from The Ohio State University in 1978. She obtained her Law Degree from Ohio Northern University in 1983. The protection of children from the stresses of divorce and the enforcement of child support remain Judge Smith's top priorities.

Court News

July 1, 201
5: Local Parenting Time Schedule Updated: In light of the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Court has updated its Local Parenting Time Schedule to respect marriage equality. The Court's Long Distance Parenting Time Schedule did not require updating.  This revised form is available for convenient download in Word or as a Pdf in the Court Forms link on this Website.

June 3, 2015: Judge Smith Creates DR Checklist: To assist both attorneys and those representing themselves in proceedings before the Court, Judge Smith has developed a convenient DR Court Checklist so that everyone will be aware of the Uniform Domestic Relations Forms prescribed by the Ohio Supreme Court and that are required by the Court for the filing of Complaints for Divorce or Legal Separations,  Answers and/or Counterclaims and Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage.  The Checklist also includes required forms for the filing of Motions for Contempt or to Show Cause, Motions for Reallocation of Parental Rights.  All of the forms in question are available for convenient download in Word or as a Pdf in the Court Formslink on this Website.

December 18, 2014: Judge Smith Sworn in for Fourth Term. Retiring Court of Appeals Judge Joseph Vukovich administered the oath of office to Judge Beth Smith who was elected in November to her fourth six-year term as Domestic Relations Court Judge of Mahoning County. Shortly after the ceremony, Judge Smith swore in her Magistrates and Staff.

August 28 , 2014: Judge Smith Receives OSBA Award for CPO Card
. On August 28, 2014, Judge Smith accepted the Ohio State Bar Association's Judicial Administration and Legal Reform Committee's Innovative Court Practices Award in Columbus in recognition of her being the first court in Ohio to develop the CPO Card for victims of Domestic Violence. Pictured with Judge Smith are her court administrator, Magistrate Donald C. Hepfner, and bailiff, Michele Cercel.

February 25, 2014: Judge Smith Unveils CPO Card. At a presss conference attended by Law Enforcement, Public Officials and representatives of numerous social service agencies, Judge Beth Smith unveiled a CPO Card--a convenient new tool for victims of domestic violence. The CPO Card is a wallet-sized card, resembling a credit card or driver's license that contains the essential data about a protection order including the identifying characteristics of the person ordered to stay away; the date of issuance and the date of expiration. The CPO Card also provides law enforcement officials with the critical information needed for enforcement. It is available to all Petitioners who receive a CPO with a duration of at least one year. To view the news coverage of the event on local TV Stations, click here: WKBN News Coverage or here: WFMJ News Coverage. To read the article highlighting the event in The Vindicator, click here: The Vindicator Article. To view an in depth interview with Judge Smith on WFMJ's Weekend Today on March 2, 2014, click here: WFMJ Weekend Today.

January 27, 2014: New Procedure for Posting and new forms for Posting and Publication will be effective March 4, 2014. Judge Smith filed a Journal Entry this date requiring that, effective March 4, 2014, service by posting on actions filed in the Court shall be made on the website of the Mahoning County Clerk of Courts in a section to be designated for this purpose under "Recent Updates and Notices" on the Mahoning County Communicator. The Notice shall remain posted on the website for six consecutive weeks. This alternative website posting was authorized by the amendments to Civil Rule 4.4(A)(2) effective July 1, 2013 and will replace the traditional method of posting of actual notices on the bulletin boards located in the Sebring County Court and the Struthers Municipal Court. Judge Smith believes that this method of service will not only save money for litigants and the county but will also involve a process that is more reasonably calculated to reach the intended goal of providing actual notice to parties whose addresses are unknown. Also, purusant to Local Rule 1.01(E), the Court has adopted the following revised forms for both Publication and Posting which should provide clarity to the procedure:

A. Request, Affidvit and Order approving Service by Posting and Legal Notice for Posting.

B. Request, Affidavit and Order approving Service by Publication and Legal Notice for Publication.

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